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Re: <nettime> Steven Levy: Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like

   Okay so Joi Ito seems out of touch. It's nothing against you posting- I
   read the interview, briefly thought about checking out his book. That
   comment was just a huge red flag. But I do think it's important to
   listen to what people in his position feel and think, he's got a lot of

   My problem is this general idea of holistic thinking that's very
   popular in the technological entrepreneurial spectrum, where if you go
   and condition, or more likely remove all, existentialist quandaries
   from your workforce you'll have neat tidy humans who happen to produce
   a lot of surplus value for the company.

   So pretty much vivere non est necesse - ha! I had to look up your
   phrase and found the continuation of it very appropriate.

   Cheers from Brooklyn.


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   Here's the same as I posted to unciv
   "A re-tweet is NOT an endorsement"
   And I won't do you guys the pleasure of unsubscribing.
   No cheers from Nijmegen either
   ("navigare necesse est")

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