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Re: <nettime> Steven Levy: Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like

There is a possibility that 'we' (h. sapiens in various strains) cannot obtain 'true satisfaction' from long term activities which are not related to survival and getting ahead within a tribe (more pussy for me). In that sense engaging in esoteric activities is simply an effective status symbol (string theory is SUV for the braniacs) and not some abstract pursuit of happiness.

If this is correct, then in abundance of food (machines do most of the stuff, no work needed for most), the only motivation left is getting ahead, and production-enabled egalitarian society is impossible. The simplest way to get ahead is to push the others down. Basic income and other niceties would then work only if they provide ongoing satisfaction to the higher-ups, which excludes entitlement models, so there is a fundamental contradiction.

The basic difference between the left and the right appears to be that the left is for neutering others, while the right is for pillaging others. The choice is stark: the farm or the jungle. No free-range chicken.

We generally want to have a sense that who we are and what we do is valued or will be

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