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Re: <nettime> <nettime-ann> Hackaton exploring the digital landscape

Is it perhaps part of the political problem of our time

... that some people actually believe that it is possible to change and 
repair social and political structures that have evolved over decades, 
within just a brief period of time, -- if only the collaborating 
"developers, hackers, artists, designers, psychologists, marketeers" 
have the right ideas and enough Club Mate to, for instance, "Redesign 
the Netherlands in 48 hours"?

... and that the loud-mouthed can then publically demand such changes, 
even against all democratic structures and their, at times, healthy 
latency, and against political reason...

... and that, as can be observed for instance in Hungary and Poland, a 
whole country and its carefully constructed post-dictatorship structures 
can actually be "redesigned", if not in 48 hours, but then in 48 months. 
(And the "designers" here are not the happy precariate, but right-wing 
populists and thugs with their own "psychologists and marketeers".)

ruminating on a saturday morning,

ps: are the new designers of submission, Orban, Kaczyński, and their 
ilk, accelerationists?

Am 13.10.16 um 15:42 schrieb renepare:

> "Redesign the Netherlands in 48 hours "

> Develop new applications to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy and social 
> environment.
> Technology, data, IT and media can help to realize much of the goals of the 
> new Dutch "Environmental Planning Act" (one law for the total physical 
> environment):
> ● Residents gain more influence over their own environment
> ● Governments, businesses and citizens work together for a (better) 
> design of the surroundings
> Will you join forces with other developers, hackers, artists, designers, 
> psychologists, marketeers to make a leap forward with new technology? 

> To work on a Netherlands more pleasant and livable all together? 

> Join the Hackathon by reading the program and register via:
> You will be able to work with experts and data from the Province of North 
> Brabant, Municipality of Eindhoven and DataLand. With ICT you can explore 
> the specific challenges or develop your own concept.
> The event is part of Dutch Design Week, and will draw attention from press 
> and government innovators. A follow up with partners involved in this 
> program is encouraged.
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