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Re: <nettime> #jakegate explained ... by a Dummy

This is a good overview, there is an obvious need for more dummies.

The 'poor and sexy' is one product of fractional distillation of precarity, with low boiling point (the less sexy ones have to serve as drivers or taskrabbits.)

As the article states, there is no involvement from the base structure of the society in active opposition to surveillance and related manipulations. The flamboyant sexy and poor are officially designated to be tending the light of the resistance, it seems to everyone's convenience, to the point where they are being funded by their nominal adversaries. But the lack of structural penetration makes them more or less placebo-like, not just in symbolic sense, but also in the deep technical sense. It's all a spectacle.

Possibly the real core of Appelbaum's transgression is just that: realizing and uncovering the spectacle, being a traitor. The rest follows.

The monopoly of the resistance to the surveillance state has to be taken from the sexy and poor - those have already peaked. Ugly, unfucked and moderately rich need to take part, as they are also affected, or soon will be. The fraction of society that actually benefits from the surveillance is getting tinier and tinier with technological advances - it's very unlikely that you are in that fraction even if you own few houses and a stable of V8s.

Resistance may be the answer to what has probably become the essential
constitutional issue of our times, but I am afraid not to see a
positive outcome evolving unless it mutates into a real law and order
problem for the powers that be. And this is in my view exactly the
point where the above mentioned organisations and their associates,
supporters, and techie-activists fail to enact the effective mix of
political strategy, street-level tactics, and technological fixes,
usually by prioritizing the last option at the expense of the two

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