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Re: <nettime> How to hire a real hitman to kill or beat up cash insurance or take revenge with ____ Mafia

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   Do you want to hire a real assassin to kill your boss, wife, or some enemy?

   This is not a joke. Interenet has secret hidden sites, used by
   criminals and gang members to sell drugs, guns, or hitmen to be hired.
   These sites on Internet are called Deep Web

   To access Deep Web you need to download Tor Browser, a Web Browser that
   hides your IP through three proxies. Google Tor Browser to find out the
   home site of this software to download it.

   Once you downloaded Tor Browser visit the ____ Mafia website at
   This website can be ONLY visited with Tor Browser. It can not be
   visited with other browsers. Why? Google Tor Browser and onion sites
   and learn the secret behind sites with drugs, hitmen and guns on

   The onion domain don't have a whois and they can not be shut down by
   FBI or Police and work only in special Web Browsers like Tor

   You don't need to take our word, google 'deep web', 'tor browser', and
   '____ mafia' to learn more. Our website can be only viewed with Tor

   Hire a real hitman for only US $5000 , they are gangster who do drug
   dealing but they also do murder.

   ____ Mafia is a large network of gang members through all the US and
   Europe, involved in drug dealing, guns, counterfeit currency, and other
   illegal things. Google it to view more info. ____ Mafia has an
   underground website on Deep Web from where they take orders online. They
   don't disclose hitmen information, and they don't ask for customer
   information. Target information and payment is all that is needed .

   Hire a real gang member to do the nasty jobs for you and stay safe, you
   will never need to personally get dirty

   How to stay safe and be sure Police won't know on your door:
   - use Tor Browser, is free and hides your IP address. Google to find
   the address
   - use a privacy software to delete your tracks
   - never provide your real name, nor address, nor email . Make a new
   email address with a fake name.
   - never pay with credit card, check, wire transfer. Buy bitcoins and
   then you can pay with bitcoins, this is an online currency that can't be
   - ____ Mafia has an escrow, you add funds to your account, killer does
   the job and when job is completed you release funds to killer

   By hiding your ip address, and deleting traces on your computer, noone
   will ever know who ordered the killing. By not giving your name or
   address, and paying with bitcoin, you always stay sure that no one can
   find out who did it.

   Google Tor Browser, google deep web, google ____ Mafia

   Learn about a world of online criminal zone that you never knew before!

   Hire a gang member to beat up for $500 or get someone to kill your
   cheater, enemy or whoever you want. These are real killers from gang
   members who don't get paid if they don't do the job.
   You don't meet them, they don't meet you, no traces, payment as bitcoin
   when job is done, everyone is safe.

   ____ Mafia has been online since 2012 and there are no complaints on
   Internet! ____ means honor, they do the jobs good and as per customer

   Hire a killer to kill the old wife and get insurance money, then you
   can live like a king. This is not a movie idea, is a practical thing with
   the today deep web .

   If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form on
   the ____ Mafia website .
   or,  you can just email us to, but please 
   do not reply to this email, as no one will reply you.  the only way you can 
   contact us is, 

   email us to:
  Thanks and Best regards.

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