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<nettime> Issue 1 of the Torist, the Literary Journal on the Dark Web, is live!

Hi, all --

We're excited to announce that the first issue of The Torist, a literary
journal on the Dark Web, is now online and ready for reading! We're
launching this issue as a Tor Hidden Service, at
http://toristinkirir4xj.onion/issue1.pdf [PDF]. This requires the Tor
Browser to access. We will provide a "Clear Web" version soon, but for
now the issue is exclusively on Tor.

In this issue, you will find fiction, poetry, art, and essays. Specifically:

-Editors' Note----

The Breakfast Room, by Peter Conlin
Chapter Nine of The United States of Air, by J.M. Porup
Shadowbook, by Miriam Rasch

Two Poems, by Alissa Quart
Snowfall, by Vance Osterhout

Disruptive anti-fraud artivism -- Digital art exposing Internet scammers,
by KairUs (Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle)
Misusing the Master's Tools: Exploring the Capacity to Break from
Prescriptive Use, by Nathanael Bassett

We're very grateful to all these contributors. We hope they're as happy
with this inaugural issue as we are.

For those of you who do access the issue on Tor, feel free to share: the
issue is licensed CC BY-NC-SA, which means you???re free to make as many
copies as you like for non-commercial purposes. So by all means, spread
the issue around and send it to your friends.


G.M.H. and Robert W. Gehl
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