morlockelloi on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 20:35:04 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> introducing @nettime_bot

Would it be possible, for those who don't want their names ending on TWTR disks, to have a Subject: tag that bypasses the bot - for example "MO:" (mail only), like in:

MO: Re: <nettime> introducing @nettime_bot

Alternative to the full bypass would be omitting [Sender] field.


The idea of opening nettime to new audiences is good, but are microblogging/social behemoths really the techno-ideological equivalents to the early e-mail? It was relatively hard, with distributed ownership, and free-form (which mandated some basic cognitive skills.)

Perhaps running a hidden Tor service would be more instrumental in this regard. The use is hard (need to download Tor client and type .onion address), the infrastructure is distributed, and there is underground flair.

On 12/28/15 9:58 , nettime mod squad wrote:

Hi, nettimers --

The mod squad elves have been hard at work upgrading nettime's
so-called infrastructure.

     (1) Nettime has a shiny new twitter bot: @nettime_bot.

     (2) It reports each new mail in a simple format:

         <#nettime> [Subject] | by [Sender] [URL]

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