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Re: <nettime> Fwd: the European manifesto of Varoufakis and Piketty

Dear Patrice, chers tous,

Thank you for your report. But what a sadness...

Just to remind that everywhere when the radical left line was missing
in  the realization of the left wing at power, when the elected power
was only acted by social-democracy, instead of winning in a moderate
solution, it lost the way. When the social-democracy--the radical
execution missing--lost its concrete program (concrete projects always
linked with their symbolic  social signification of exchange), thus
they quit the State power leaving it waste away, but to be replaced by
any sort of fascisms, always in the History. This comes from the
disillusionment, this comes from disorganisation. This comes from
disappearance of the alternative democratic solution (can be
ideological as can be practical). Such is the paradox of Democracy
that Tspiras having been a social-democrat till the end has made
loosing the policy.

But if not, he would have been a dictator. May be that the anarchist
time is coming.

You can not restore democracy when she disappeared,  you can just
overthrow the power that occupies it either by violence or by cunning,
then create a new democracy with new rules.

About Varoufakis.

 I think that the plan of virtual money conceived by Varoufakis (and
Galbraith among others) which failed due to the impeachment to realise
it, was very appropriate to the situation to hold the time facing the

If Varoufakis would not be this  seductive personality to the media
calling and this player even this sort of epic poet, and if he had not
this sort of visual and comportmental gimmick that does not appear
serious--even fetishist of technique--he would not the able person to
imagine and conceive this sort of challenge--this plan surfing in
between socio-materialist objective and virtual reality. That appears
exactly a hacking from the scriptural money process, not the target to
own the world but just a local precarious solution for waiting. A
scriptural mode in other way. But a warm heart and a happy energy for
the common despite the despair situation.

But he was never at executive power because Tspiras has not given him
the means of this innovative dialectical practice.  Why exactly ? I do
not care. But he missed the contribution of imagination to really try
to help the Greek people. The risk was minor facing the threat.

When Tspiras has accepted from the EU their rule to exclude
Varoufakis  from the negotiation, thus Tspiras has killed Varoufakis
as executive member of his government, but he killed his proper
authority and already by this symbolic sacrifice he has killed the
hope of a winning deal. He lost.

I know that Tspiras had not succeed to get the absolute majority, I
know that he was obliged to accept some inconvenient persons to his
policy into his government. Anyway he did not assume the symbolic.
Having betrayed  Varoufakis at the view of the EU executives and
TroÃka: this situation  has predicted that he was at the point to
betray the people (the referendum result which faked the show was a
event/not event). And that he was already defeated and that obviously
he would make in sort that the Greeks will lost through the fact that
being a looser himself.

Toward the issue

When EU executives and TroÃka refused to talk with Varoufakis,  the
duty of Tspiras  was to put his resignation in the balance. That could
be the good moment to conceive his resignation if he would have to be
supported from a powerful reaction by the European left.

Instead of that he trained all the European left to fail by
solidarity. Look what happened to Iglesias and Podemos just after...
Enough people ceased to trust them.

The one having make loosing the common is not Varoufakis (as he was
called to resign -- not because he wore special shirts or riding a
titanesk  moto) but Tspiras. Of course that is not the style nor the
moto of Varoufakis which created a problem without solution inside the
xenophobic EU but American consulting from dollarzone contributing to
eurozone through Varoufakis work-- the trojan horse they thought). Not
the dollar from Wall street but the dollar from the flexible rule of
the Federal Bank of America (which stays linked to the Department of
State) -- Stiglitz having directed this institution from which their
chauvinist nightmare consists.

Why Tspiras asked Varoufakis as economy minister? he absolutely knew
his gimmick and his style. But he wanted to be conforted by the
Nobelized American progressive liberal economists to support him
thanks to the Vatroufakis relationships. From Tspiras a calling sign,
not a real thought. Varoufakis has the thought of his practices --
organic practice from the virtuality into the social reality (not a
growing reality from virtual reality, but the reversibility of the
virtual reality outside the growing reality). From here there are a
lot of hacking possibilities. That is strategy (exactly what
macro-economy is).

Tspiras emerges under a soft personage, but a pity for the common of
us, a dangerous politician. He'll hold the responsibility of the
rightist power at coming.

I should prefer some adventurous experience from the intellectuality
of  "Indiana Jones" as a vitalist cognitive game. They would have
attempted something new to win(even if they were in risk to loose) for
the less. The missing risk of changing that lives through mostly
Europeans credited to power is really boring. Mortifying. They enjoy
the wars as their big work to expect that nothing more will happen.
But death by murder to  a large part of the people of the world. And
now facing entropy of the migrations that they cause,climate changes

But, except death threats against the life of Tspiras (what could
explain such confusing decisions), this man was too much tiny to evoke
the ancestral Macedonian of the minuscule country which won the battle
against the Persian mega empire and  from which Aeschylus has made a
memorable tragedy  ;-)

As far the left wing looser it gives the right wing endorsed into
harder authority against people disarmed by their professional

On 13 September 2015 at 07:27, patrice <patrice@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> I am still in Greece (Athenes) where I was with Lorenzo at a very
> interesting and enjoyable INURA conference and retreat [1]. Yet, in the
> circles I am with, Yanis Varoufakis 'enjoys' more than mixed feelings:
> forceful rejection, which is due to the dramatic misfiring of his
> 'flamboyant' negotiation strategy (though I did appreciate it allright).

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