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Re: <nettime> Fwd: the European manifesto of Varoufakis and Piketty

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On 2015-09-13 07:27, patrice wrote:
> So, are we back to square one? I am afraid it's much worse: endgame
> for Greece, economically and politically speaking (is there
> anything else?), and endgame for the European Union as we know it.
> In this view, Melanchon's, Varoufakis' cs. bid for a pan-European
> movement is merely an 'escape velocity' show - and I am sorry to
> add: Melanchon is a buffoon.

I agree, Varoufakis now taking about bitcoin etc is, in terms of
real-politik, just posturing. I still think he is a great and sharp
analyst of the crisis which is very valuable, but only as far as it
goes .

But that's the side show. The real thing is happening at the borders.
The European Union is falling apart at a staggering pace. Austria,
usually a country where things happen later than elsewhere, is now at
the center. Trains both to the East (Budapest) and the West (Munich)
are currently interrupted, I don't know if that ever happened since
WWII. Germany closed it's border and Hungary, after creating a massive
fence to Serbia, is simply dumping 10'000s refugees at its Western
border, emptying its camps.

Civil Society groups, which have pulled on an enormous effort to
contain the situation over the last two weeks are totally overwhelmed.
With a few strokes of political maneuvering, the window of opportunity
that civil society managed to create by foregrounding solidarity over
xenophobia has been smashed and that we now have are ideal conditions
for rise to power of the far right.

And it's not that has been unforeseeable. I mean, even I saw this
coming three months ago [1]


Eeven if they manage to contain this situation again somehow (and they
probably will), the lesson that each and every national politician
will take away from this disastrous summer is you cannot trust your
fellow member states in the EU when it really matters. Not in an
economic crisis, not in a humanitrian crisis.


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