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Re: <nettime> Robert Adrian, 1935 - 2015

This is a loss here as well, as I just began getting acquainted with
Robert¹s body of work over the past few years.
My presentation of the formation of the SSTV Art Open Archive at Media Art
Histories will dedicated to him.

On 9/10/15, 8:46 AM, "Hank Bull" <> wrote:

>   Dear Netters,
>   I first met Bob in San Francisco in 1978 during a radio art
>   performance.  We saw each other again in Vancouver and soon after in
>   Vienna. He and I collaborated for many years on a project called
>   Wiencouver. I always looked forward to our telematic encounters. He
>   played an important role in the network. Bob won the inaugural Nam Jun
>   Paik prize in 2010, richly deserved for his unique contribution. We
>   were lucky enough to visit each other from time to time and worked on
>   other projects together. Always feisty and ready for a good debate, Bob
>   was still that way when I last saw him in 2013. I agree with Armin
>   about the visual arts bent, which I share. We were friends for many
>   years. Matt and Sandra, his son and daughter in law, actually moved to
>   Vancouver. Bob was a significant part of my life. Beautiful guy.
>   Keep it going Nettime,
>   Hank Bull

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