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Re: <nettime> Corbyn as a medium is the message

   Of course I think Richard tells the true situation. And often I agree
   with  Alex but this time I disagree with him.
   Of Precarity: precarious is no more a relevant concept substituted to
   the low social classes in the new critical political economy because
   now it is a global  materialist reality under different statements
   (can be due to the capitalist neoliberal rules, can be the new wars,
   The time of empiric practice as a laboratory equal a fund of experience
   from which  to learn and rethinking from it is come. If you persist in
   the meta-postmodern theory you miss the democracy while fascism --
   included financial capital as facism -- will definitly emerge as
   radical dominant power of the west (without any rule of equivalence of
   the value with the people) on this earth that we know mortal -- not
   only the people. If you fear reactive nationalism you are true but it
   is a view far from to be enough wide.
   But not sure that Corbyn will be the winner on saturday even if as
   European I warmly hope that he will.
   as European
   Â I hope that he will.
   Â (sorry for my leaden english. speaking)
   1. Because the UK is not eurozone.
   2. Because the time of virtual theory applied to the society of
   meta-democracy is prescribed. Even outside the TV The revolution will
   not happen but a killing revolution -- this one that the financial and
   military power are doing.
   Now it is the time to come to the practice included the practice of
   power in a democracy and/or in a meta-democracy.  Probably UK is the
   last one or the more exemplary among the surviving democracies.
   Because the UK is not eurozone.
   Corbyn as event is a first step for european citizen. After the failure
   of Greece it is important to understand if out from the eurozone (even
   before the claim of whether it is wise to establish a State out of it)
   if such a program like Corbyn presents  is able to be elected to
   It is not a revolutionary program but socially acceptable by the active
   left; the UK is currently the alone power among the States that may
   affect the authority in the Schengen area without being linked to the
   eurozone. So it is the only program that could stem the austerity by
   partly turning back and partly by novating out of it for restoring some
   acceptable welfare for all and a certain solidarity... The program
   emerges from a traditional power but paradoxally is the european alone
   after the most advanced  democratic performance (plus financial
   recovery and  economic recovery) of Islandic. Can you or not, outside
   the eurozone, but in a democratic--can be  meta-democratic-- country
   of financial capitalism, make for restoring a sharing state for the
   people (as well citizens and as immigrated people) up without a coup by
   the banks through their reaction under a brutal form against the
   population or other indirect recourse from  the legal system?
   Then the  eurozone countries can think about the avaibility of their
   own first step -- leaving the eurozone but staying European (with the
   understanding that eurozone will not change due to the Lisboa treaty).
   It is vital that sovereignist must not  be confused with nationalist.
   From this it depends the possible future of a democratic federal Europe
   having different regime of euro parity as supra-value, or UE
   centralized but fascist. Because the current UE rule is firstly to
   catch money to contribute to the financial euro stability and ensure
   the banks.
   Hurry up the UK! We are waiting for you.
   On 9 September 2015 at 23:18, Richard Barbrook
   <richard@imaginaryfutures.net> wrote:

   > great to hear from an insider and know there's life for labour after
   > blair and the millibands.

   The Labour Left has been stubbornly defending its arsenal waiting until
   the correct moment came for its counter-attack to be launched!


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