Eric Beck on Sun, 30 Aug 2015 18:56:45 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> what if we were all right but all wrong?

On Sunday, August 30, 2015, Alex Foti <> wrote:

> What's important is that we ditch our ideological past to forge a
> new, necessarily contradictory, unity that is able to wield power and beat
> the eurocaste. It's better to be more than half right and win, than to be
> totally right and lose;)
> i close with a mini-poll: Tsipras or Varoufakis? T or V?
> my vote: V

 The unimpeachable Dr V recently published a post <>
his blog from a former Italian finance minister that said "we must build a
broad alliance of national liberation fronts, starting from the eurozoneÂs
Mediterranean ÂperipheryÂ, made up of progressive forces open to the
cooperation of the democratic right wing sovranist parties," which V said
was a debate we "shouldn't eschew." Of course this isn't just abstract
speculation on V's part: his goverment had already formed such a front. Is
this what your ditching of ideological pasts looks like?

V has also called for and said he'd start a "pan-European workers network,"
something he optimistically proposes while migrants are dying by the dozens
to get into Europe, which he has not a word about. Indeed, given his
silence combined with his intellectual output and his record while
governing, his desire to "reclaim Europe as a democratic realm of shared
prospertity" would seem to exclude these migrants and promise to perpetuate
the current European border regime.

So while this new red-brown alliance might be effective, it's worth asking
who will benefit by being "half right." Doubtful it will be migrants. The
prospects for women, children, and queers is unlikely to be too sunny under
the rule of "right wing sovranist parties." Retirees who will be
impoverished by V et al's acceptable levels of austerity--i.e., the deals
he negotiated as FM but that he seems to have escaped responsibility
for--aren't likely to thrive under this contradictory unity.

Your willingness to make sacrifices for victory is touching, but no thanks.


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