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<nettime> ***SPAM*** ArtLeaks Gazette No.3 : Artists Against Precarity and Violence, now online!

   We are very happy to announce the release of our latest issue of the
   ArtLeaks Gazette, entitled "Artists Against Precarity and Violence â
   Resistance Strategies, Unionizing, and Coalition Building in a Time of
   Global Conflict and Contradiction."Â Â This issue unpacks some
   important questions for the art field today about models of
   organizations, unionizing, and strategies of resistance for art
   workers. Our aim is to illuminate new ways of production and coalition
   building in international and local environments that, unfortunately,
   are increasingly hostile.

   The gazette is freely available to read
   here:Â [1]

   As a learning tool, this gazette is meant to contribute to the critical
   debates around censorship, exploitation and abuse highlighted on our
   online archive since 2011. We hope many of you will use it in your own
   self-organized schools, seminars, workshops, protest meetings, and join
   our community to push these issues even further.

   Limited printed copies will be available soon. We are calling on those
   of you who regularly print as a part of your work to help us get the
   ALG by committing to small print runs of 50-100 copies. We encourage
   our readers to be an active part of spreading the ALG by hosting it on
   their site and forwarding it on to their networks.

   The gazette includes texts by:Â Corina L. Apostol, Ingela Johansson,
   Bojana PiÅ¡kur, Dmitry Vilensky, MikoÅaj IwaÅski and Joanna Figiel,
   Xandra Popescu with Veda Popovici, Delia Popa and Ioana Cojocaru,
   Alejandro Strus and Sonja Hornung, Haben und Brauchen, G.U.L.F., and
   Ivor Stodolsky

   Visual works reproduced in the gazette are by: KURS, Anastasia
   Vepreva and Roman Osminkin, Tatiana Fiodorova, and Monotremu

   ArtLeaks Gazette editors:Â Corina L. Apostol, Brett Alton Bloom and
   Vladan JeremiÄ.

   Cover page by the editors, Photo credit:Â Margaret Singer

   ArtLeaks contact information:Â [2]artsleaks@gmail.comÂ

   More information:


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