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<nettime> The Cyborg Gladiators? "How science is fine-tuning our [sic] elite

Here comes singularity, the humanchine, not the military application
feared, not the "human intelligence" robot, but the robotic dimwit,
everyone's favourite gladiator - in through the front door:

"If you drove a car without a dashboard, you wouldn't know how fast you
were going, how far it had driven, and how much fuel was left in the
tank," says Boden Westover, director of marketing at Melbourne-based
company Catapult.

Devices are currently being tested which will provide more information,
with the addition of sensors measuring things like perspiration, as well
as adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Researchers are also investigating the use of "smart" pills, which could
provide body temperature data to smartphones or tablet apps, so that
workouts could be tweaked based on the effects of small changes in
muscle temperature on physical capacity. There are also training systems
that use sensors in shoes and footballs, such as the Adidas miCoach
Smart Ball, to pick up extra information, such as power and spin placed
on shots.

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