Lunenfeld, Peter B. on Thu, 2 Apr 2015 20:15:23 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nottime: the end of nettime

Dear Ted and Felix --

I read your announcement yesterday and have been trying to figure out
how to respond. I have discovered yet another 21st century mental
malady, which I'll call FOMO(OS): Fear of Missing Out on Sadness. Others
have already posted their appreciation for your moderating (which I
second), their regrets about not being as active as they used to be
(ditto for me), and Brian even used the corner bar metaphor that I'd
been noodling with. 

All I can say is that nettime was a huge part of my intellectual life
early on, and that I've appreciated the list and your efforts even as I
moved from regular poster to constant reader. Just recently, I
appreciated all of the interesting discourses about money,
neo-liberalization and Bitcoins, areas I'm not writing about myself, but
that obviously inform the worlds we live in. 

As for the issues about a text only list serve, it may be a generational
preference, but nettime offered (offers?) a place for the long-form
argument to thrive, a venue to try out ideas beyond listicles without
the clutter of gifs and banner ads, and the distractions of endless
internal links, so that one could actually read another's thoughts and
attempt to grapple with them. The process of reading nettime nurtured
was neither elitist nor vanguardist, it came from and contributed to a
long and distinguished tradition of thoughtful argumentation, and yes,
the buildings of communities, from Republics of Letters to Empyres of
Email. So, whatever happens, thanks for keeping this list going for so
many years, and for encouraging others to contemplate what it means to
them and how nettime or its successors might thrive.

Best --

Peter Lunenfeld, Professor & Vice Chair
UCLA Design Media Arts

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