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Re: <nettime> tensions within the bay area elites

Even so, many people here, while disliking Google for some things,
also recognize that some of the tech giants are making real efforts on
environmental issues, and some of them are trying to at least consider
how they affect local communities.  But sometimes it's hard to

Certainly any of these 'giants' that are running on (carbon!) cloud computing have no interest in substantive environmental 'issues' except for hypocritical nods at things that do not affect their bottom line or their 'owners' endless egomaniacal desire to expand their control and power ...

A massive corporation, as it rises, is a techno-social agglomeration that distorts existing flows and architectures of power. However, in our current case, as the pre-existing power flows are those of the military-industrial-academic complex, these 'newer' flows will doubtless not deviate from those pre-existing patterns and suddenly 'benefit' a local community. Is Silicon Valley really any different than the Niger Delta in this respect?


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