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Re: <nettime> [SPAM] Re: tensions within the bay area elites

Glad to see Google getting it's due but I'm wondering if the deeper
significance and risk posed by Google isn't being a wee bit overlooked

In a blogpost I did about a year ago, I was pointing to Google's victory in
an anti-trust action which was being interpreted as a victory for "free
speech"; and arguing that the more significant risk was likely to come from
Google's impact on "Freedom of thought" as in "Google's algorithms have to
be understood at the level of "epistemology" i.e. from the perspective of
their role (in fact, intervention) in framing our underlying "knowledge,
understanding, justified belief about the nature of the world"."  


Now that Google's halo is a wee bit dented some deeper reflection on what
Google might, through its search algorithms, be doing to our underlying
frameworks of knowledge--either inadvertently by structuring them in pursuit
of its commercial goals or purposefully by, for example, following the
direction of its friends in the US State Department--might be in order; and
perhaps even more usefully some thought on what might be done about this.


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On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Hans de Zwart <hans.dezwart@bof.nl> wrote:

> Just look at the graph displaying Google's DC lobbying investment and 
> you will instantly realise that Google is not the same Google that it 
> was a decade ago.

To chime in here: If Facebook qualifies as "scary", then Google does even
more so. Lately, the company has been aggressively ventured into
military-industrial territory with its recent investments into robotics,
artificial intelligence, augmented reality and drone technology.


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