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Re: <nettime> Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

First, "right-wing-ness" is misleading, especially insofar as those
considered far right and those considered far left have never been
closer in outlook and their lists of what to overturn. Once it is both
ends against the middle, you enter a pre-revolutionary setting. Let us
not wander down that rat hole, please, in the large or in the small.

As to the topical interest (in re surveillance) or lack thereof
amongst the population in a broad sense, various undergraduate
students of various correspondents here, and so forth, comparing the
digital world of today to the analog world of yesterday, is it not
clear that the total volume of signal has risen spectacularly but not
as spectacularly as the volume of noise? Perhaps the middle can be
forgiven its preoccupation with such matters while it focuses on the
fact that it is only the middle that is shrinking.

What to say and how to say is the challenge of folks here (but to
say it outside of this echo chamber). As a possible contribution, I
gave this keynote to 600+ last Wednesday at the U. of North Carolina,


Yours from the rather far right,


A conservative is a socialist who worships order.
A liberal is a socialist who worships safety. 
                        -- Victor Milan, 1999

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