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<nettime> MoneyLab: new INC project on (alternative) revenuemodels

The Institute of Network Cultures presents: MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives

Over the past few years, while the economic downturn endures and
budget cuts prevail, we have witnessed the emergence and rise of
alternative payment systems and revenue models in digital media.
Online bartering sites, a plethora of crowdfunding platforms, new
forms of valuation, e-wallets and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, are
but a few examples. These coincide with the huge growth of mobile
money transfer services across Asia and Africa and the general
convergence of digital and financial industries.
Is this where a healthy economic future lies? Do these economic
ventures testify to a paradigm shift from a market-based economy
towards a network economy? What are the possibilities, pitfalls and
issues at hand? Will these experiments gain wider -- over the counter
-- usage, effectively becoming mainstream? Beyond Hayekian notions of
"currency competition", what theories and concepts can help us engage
with these developments?
MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives aims to critically explore, map and
probe the politics, inner-workings and governance of these alternative
digital economic forms.It is not enough to merely promote and further
develop (technical) alternatives, we also need time to ask ourselves
critical questions and re-examine the very underpinnings of our
What's Cooking?
MoneyLab: Discussion List

You can join our project by subscribing to the MoneyLab:
Coining Alternatives Mailinglist. We are always looking for
radical submissions that closely reflect the stated aim of
the MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives project. Subscribe here:
MoneyLab: Blog

Over the next few weeks we will launch the MoneyLab: Coining
Alternatives Blog where you can find our position paper, interesting
background articles, blog posts, and info on our upcoming events. We
will send out a notice to our listservice members as soon as the Blog
is live.
MoneyLab: Conference

We will be hosting a two-day conference event in Amsterdam, on
March 21-22, 2014. The purpose of this conference is to launch the
network by gathering artists, designers, programmers, activists and
researchers. The aim will be to map the field, reflect upon theories
and experiences and clarify the key constituents, discourses and
architectures at work in the different kinds of network economies.
MoneyLab: Conference Reader

One of the intended outcomes of the conference will be to publish
the discussions and debates as an INC reader, which will serve as a
resource on alternatives in networked economies.This publication is
due to come late 2014 and will be published both in a paper version in
a variety of electronic versions (pdf, e-pub etc.).
MoneyLab: Toolkit

In addition, we will develop a toolkit built on the results of our
research project that maps the field of alternative revenue models
and payments systems geared to freelancers and organizations in the
creative industries.
>>Join Us!<<

Of central importance to this project is the formation of a
collaborative network of researchers, artists, developers, engineers,
and others interested in sharing, coining, critiquing, and ushering in
alternative network economies. Did you read or write an interesting
article on this matter, or maybe you also want to host a similar
conference, hackathon or other types of conspiratorial gatherings? --
let us know!
MoneyLab Coordinator: Patricia de Vries
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | HvA
Room 04A07
Rhijnspoorplein 1
NL-1091 GC Amsterdam
t: +31 20 5951883

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