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<nettime> Amodern 2: Network Archaeology

Announcing the launch of Amodern 2: Network Archaeology
A special issue guest-edited by cris cheek, Braxton Soderman and Nicole Starosielski<>

Amodern 2: Network Archaeology

Nicole Starosielski, Braxton Soderman, cris cheek

"Circulating Concepts: Networks and Media Archaeology"
an interview with Jussi Parikka, by Braxton Soderman and Nicole Starosielski

"Re-engaging the Humanities"
an interview with Alan Liu, by Scott Pound

"Pentameters toward the Dissoloution of certain Vectoralist Relations"
John Cayley

"The Information Defense Industry and the Culture of Networks"
Adrian Johns

"Terms of Reference & Vectoralist Transgressions: Situating Certain Literary Transactions over Networked Services"
John Cayley

"Last In, First Out: Network Archaeology of/as the Stack"
Rory Solomon

"On Lists and Networks: An Archaeology of Form"
Liam Young

"Holding Electronic Networks by the Wrong End"
Lisa Gitelman

"Infrastructure and Intermediality: Network Archaeology at Gaumont's Cit? Elg?"
Brian Jacobsen

"Connections Concealed: Signaling (Racial) Excess from the Historic Movie Palace-Turned-Church"
Veronica Paredes

"Ear to the Wire: Listening to Historic Urban Infrastructures"
Shannon Mattern

"Electric Cinema, Pylon Poetry"
James Purdon

"Henry Charles Beck, Material Culture and the London Tube Map of 1933"
Sebastian Gie?mann

"Picturing Networks: Railroads and Photographs"
Brooke Belisle

"Dematerialized Infrastructures: On the Ethereal Origins of Local Area Networks"
Peter Schaefer

"Divining the Network with the Forked Twig: An Archaeological Approach to Locative Media"
Alex Ingersoll

"Of Other Networks: Closed-World and Green-World Networks in the Work of John C. Lilly"
John Shiga

"Half-Inch Revolution: The Guerrilla Video Tape Network"
Kris Paulsen

"Transfiguring the Newspaper: From Paper to Microfilm to Database"
Sandra Gabriele

"A Network Archaeology of Unauthorized Comic Book Scans"
Darren Wershler, Kalervo Sinervo, Shannon Tien



AMODERN is a peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal devoted to
the study of media, culture, and poetics. Its purpose is to provide a
forum for interdisciplinary conversations about the role of media and
technology in contemporary cultural practices. We are particularly
interested in those topics that normally escape scrutiny, or are
ignored or excluded for whatever reason.

The journal is distinguished by its focus on poetics as a scholarly
practice, with particular emphasis on the unruly ways that people
deploy media and technology behind, beneath, and despite their
instrumental functions. Against the grain of determinism, we hope to
attract work that bears witness to media as complex assemblages of
institutions, subjects, bodies, objects, and discourses.

Please send all submissions and queries to:<>

Founding Editors: Scott Pound and Darren Wershler
Managing Editor: Michael Nardone

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