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Re: <nettime> The secret financial market only robots can see

Ei, MP --

On 29/09/13 14:34, wrote:

It is the "machines" that are *spying* on us -- not humans. It is
the "machines" that are taking our jobs -- not humans (now that
wage arbitrage is declining).

'They' aren't taking our jobs, the job (processes) are being given to
them ... eh?

So if we switch them off, all associated problems go away?

No, but when they and the manufacturing processes that 'they' depend
on run out of energy sources, they will, definitely, all go away...

As feedback mechanisms -- which is what a surveillance system is --
begin to expand within a social system they consume ever more energy
that otherwise would go into maintaining the vitality of the system
(think: education, research, infrastructure support, etc).

In the complexity of the moment -- where social sub-systems are now
continually impinging on each other because of population numbers
-- every (human social) system is at risk of feedback mechanisms
overtaking many of what are presently un-monitored processes. Things
like local police installing license-plate scanners (1) everywhere
in the US (that seldom are regulated by local laws) ... Data, once
gathered has to then be managed, sifted, and made actionable -- which
is a significant, non-trivial energy drain on the total system.

This is going on at an unprecedented scale in the US, but very much
elsewhere as any large social system on the planet is having to
competitively interact with systems around (within!) it...

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