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<nettime> Rambo Amadeus: Euro-Neuro!

For some time I have been teasing my few economically literate friends on
a possible Grexit & Gre-re-entry for Grece's Euro blues, aka the
'Montenegro solution':

In an op-ed in today's issue of Le Monde, that is also, in my view, French
economist and  EHESS boss Jacques Sapir's take, when he writes that nobody
appears to notice that the (next) Greek government _could_ (i) repudiate
the entire Greek debt juncto the Troika demands, while at the same time
(ii) ordering the Greek Central Bank to issue (in print or in scrip)  as
many Euros as it needs to keep the wheels of the country's economy moving.

Meanwhile, Montenegro's rock star Rambo Amadeus, who already gave us the
slogan "Don't Happy, Be Worry!" , is now the official Montenegro entry for
the Baku Eurovision Song Contest Festival. His take on all this:
Euro-Neuro, with hilarious (English, well, sortof) texts and funky images.

Don't Happy, Be Worry:

This went with a nice apocalyptic Live Short Film, Metro Last Light,
reminding of Babylon A.D., the cine version of Maurice Dantec's novel
Babylon Babies; If you don't get it, it's here:

Babylon A.D. trailer

Cheerio, p+4D!

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