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Re: <nettime> Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12

dear Dmytri,

On Tue, 08 May 2012, Dmytri Kleiner wrote:
> In the meantime, we have many clever and dedicated people
> contributing to inventing alternative platforms, and these platforms
> can be very important and worthwhile for the minority that will ever
> use them, but we do not have the social will nor capacity to bring
> these platforms to the masses, and given the dominance of capital in
> our society, it's not clear where such capacity will come from.

Thanks for the roundup. It doesn't progress much from a story on
mass-media that we have told ourselves already 20 or more years ago in
Italy, if not before. Anyway.

Apologies for my rather personal attack in my other mail, I see you
have at least refrained from attacking the attempts of others to
individuate the very "capacity" (shouldn't it be called constituency?)
you talk about here.

I do not believe a macroeconomical analysis is at all bad, you can go
on with it if you really like to continue that narrative, I see there
is plenty of people that feel comfortable in the reiterate tracing of
such graphs, but please do not exclude other narratives, as you was
doing, what made me furious. And especially, do not build your
interpretation of reality solely on your own visions, which seems to
be very abstract to me, quite not in touch with the working class you
are aiming at.

So, I know is very hard for you, but please, don't be arrogant.

Probably the very political concept we have in common is that of class
consciousness (or maybe call it just consciousness?), but with a
certain burlesque narrative you are just contributing to destroy it.

Well, now I see you are back to a decade ago, allright.

I guess the public liked that.

You are in Europe, right?
Careful with that axe, Eugene.


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