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Re: <nettime> Edufactory & Debt Deptt: Alex Gavic is our hero!

Hi Marc,

I agree, 'critical thinking' is not more likely to occur in these
institutions. But I do think a lot of people are not only exposed to
critical theory via university (often for the first time), but are forced
to engage with it via essays and discussion where an independent reader
might be left much more to their own devices. It might just be my
experience, but without a big dose of it for a few years, and having
friends with a college experience of the same stuff for me to reflect my
thought off of, I would be much less versed in it than I am now.

I spoke of it because some friends - increasingly activist - don't have
much but oppositional strategies in their activism. Unpicking the workings
of the discursive framework we are steeped in requires a reading that they
don't have the facility to express - and not for a lack of smarts, but for
their lack of exposure to the thinking that has problematised the
capitalised ideas the society runs by.

Oh, I read your blog when it was posted - it was great, and I forwarded it
to a campaign running at the same time, fighting library cuts in
Wellington, New Zealand. The campaign was mostly successful by the way, the
Council was embarrassed by a series of op-ed's in the local paper into
supporting no cuts here!


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