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Re: <nettime> Edufactory & Debt Deptt: Alex Gavic is our hero!

Hi Coline, Patrice and others....

mmm, just because someone is fortunate enough to get into college (with or without debt), does not necessarily mean 'critical thinking' will occur.

It is a misconception that academia consists of, or possesses a greater volume of critical thinkers than elsewhere.

This idea does not reflect Heath Bunting's, Stewart Home's, mine and many other people's, experiences outside of institutional educational systems...

As a working class lad, I had to hack my way around 'static' defaults & systems due to lack of privilege.

One example regarding an early experience can be read here 'How a Library Saved My Life.'

Wishing you well.

marc garrett

> As your example illustrates, turning down college education as a strategy for avoiding debt is a smart thing to do for one's economic future these days. However, avoiding that debt trap as a political action also entails turning onself away from being exposed to critical thinking - both as a history and as a discipline.

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