Sascha D. Freudenheim on Sun, 6 May 2012 21:49:43 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Why I say the things I say

This whole chain is increasingly silly. Because while Brian and others
complain about things like...

When people start defending the Koch borthers, or the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation, or privatized universities and museums
because they're excellent and they have such good art, I admit it, I
sometimes freak out: I think I'm be hearing the ventriloquized voice
of the enemy.

And write other things like:

Translation: At some point, you gotta say to those around you: "Stop
defending the rulers for their poison gifts. Start attacking them
because they are a clear and present danger."

And still other people complain that using the word "complex" is some
kind of intellectual trickery...

Well, by my count a significant portion of the people on this list
seem to work in or for those privatized universities. It's the
radicalism of the keyboard you're practicing.

Oh, go ahead, tell me you're working to change things from within.
Tell me! You're happy with yourselves because here on nettime you're
(secretly? or is that openly?) biting the hand that feeds?

Come on. All of this intellectually dishonest. Bullshit is really the
right word. And it isn't exactly changing the world.

I don't pretend to be anything other than a working stiff who has
chosen to work in a field I like, for institutions I believe in--arts
institutions; "high" art institutions; fancy educational institutions.
I believe in them *in spite of* the Kochs and the Conards. I believe
in them because I have seen people inspired by art and ideas and go
off to do great things as a result.

And I remain in awe of people--like those in Wisconsin as reported on
nettime so effectively by Dan Wang--who have in specific instances
worked hard to effect political and social change. And I greatly enjoy
the posts of those on this list who share ideas, actual ideas, about
art, or politics, or religion, but do so without pretending that every
keystroke is one step closer to "revolution."

But all of this other stuff, this "I'm a radical, you're not and you
clearly don't get it, Sascha D." crap? It's like play acting. You're
as boxed in as most people, Brian Holmes. You're just kidding yourself
if you think otherwise.


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