martin hardie on Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:11:11 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> some reflections from australia on recent events here - the demise of zombie politics?


No worries, and then next day #greatlabor values bring us as Dr Tad
said on twitter: :

The joys of "good process" under Gillard?ALP votes with Coalition to
extend oppressive & racist NT intervention. Sickening.

and only Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt <> &
Bob Katter vote against

For those not in Australia see:

All I can say is we are indeed in for Stranger Futures .....


On 29 February 2012 11:38, Angela Mitropoulos <> wrote:

> Hey Martin,
> Far from being regarded as someone who can "speak directly to people,"
> during his term as PM, Rudd was renowned for his use of convoluted
> corporate buzzwords, being too smarty-pants elitist, and (almost
> unforgivable in this country) speaking Mandarin. I preferred that figure, I
> have to say - though I would never vote for him or the ALP. But his
> conversion into an "ordinary family man" has had everything to do with his
> decision this last year to adopt the same discourse that the Liberal Party
> has in the lead up to a contest with Gillard. Namely, that she is not
> "ordinary," which in this instance is conservative "dog whistle" for her
> being "unmarried, childless, atheistic," -- ie, 'not normal.' The matter of
> the "coup" simply feeds into this, not least because I can't recall a
> leader of any party who has ascended to the position without bitter
> internal conflict. Tony Abbott toppled Malcolm Turnbull, Keating overthrew
> Hawke, it all seemed rather nasty but routine. I don't see why Gillard's
> ascendancy should be regarded as any different.

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