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<nettime> Warfare in Independent Africa


I came across a book that some of you may find interesting:

Warfare in Independent Africa (New Approaches to African History)
By William Reno, Associate Professor of Political Science at
Northwestern University
Pub: Cambridge University Press, 2011, 294p

>From the cover:

"This book surveys the history of armed conïict in Africa in the
period since decolonization and independence. The number of
post-independence conïicts in Africa has been considerable, and this
book introduces readers to a comprehensive analysis of their causes
and character. Tracing the evolution of warfare from anti-colonial and
anti-apartheid campaigns to complex conïicts in which factionalized
armies, militias, and rebel groups ïght with each other and prey on
non-combatants, it allows the readers a new perspective to understand
violence on the continent. The book is written to appeal not only to
students of history and African politics, but also to experts in the
policy community, the military, and humanitarian agencies."

You can read a review of the book at:

Africaâs Dirty Wars by Jeffrey Gettleman, March 8, 2012

You can download the book at:
[low speed]

S. (Sam) Kritikos
(this was posted originally in the Sci4D llist)

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