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<nettime> U Calgary rejects Access Copyright fees (and York U too?)


     University Of Calgary Refusing To Pay Access Copyright Any More

     from the breaking-out-of-the-stranglehold dept

     We've written a bunch about Canadian copyright collecting society
     Access Copyright, which gets universities to pay up for a license
     to cover people photocopying educational material. The
     organization doesn't[1] really distribute very much of its money to
     content creators and yet it's been seeking a massive 1,300%
     increase in fees[2] -- and Access Copyright claims that even if
     professors just link to copyrighted content, they have to clear
     that through Access Copyright. 

     Not everyone believes that's the case. The University of Calgary
     has said that the new fees are way too high, and it will no
     longer use Access Copyright at all.[3] Instead, it will seek to
     clear any copyrights directly, when needed, or otherwise
     encourage professors to link to material online that students can
     use. It will be interesting to see if Access Copyright challenges
     the university for doing so. How much do you want to bet that
     Access Copyright will now be snooping around, looking for a
     professor who fails to properly clear a photocopy somewhere. 

     Update: Looks like York University is about to do the same





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