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Re: <nettime> No JSTOR downloads or bicycle-helmet-masks for you

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Mr Smith pointed out that JSTOR is one of the "nicer" bunch of
infogates, and for the most part he is correct. However, there are a few
decidedly important failures in JSTOR and I would like to point them

1. you need to be "in school". There is no JSTOR for poverty stricken
independent researchers. As libraries continue to close down, many are
cutting what little access they have to systems like JSTOR from lack of
funds. Furthermore, JSTOR limits access to libraries - only older
articles are available publicly. If you are in prison, you are not
getting to JSTOR.


The first part of this argument is good sense and correct.  The last
line is not.  If you are in a US state or federal prison, it is
exceedingly unlikely you are getting access to online information
sources of any sort.  

Joe Lockard

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