David Golumbia on Sat, 23 Jul 2011 23:46:47 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> No JSTOR downloads or bicycle-helmet-masks for you

watch out everyone... if you're not very careful, this story may make your
ideology start to show.

by the way, do we academics in the activist SWARTZ'S humble judgment have
the right to any compensation at all for our years of labor? or is that some
kind of "work" that has become outmoded altogether, unlike the very very
cool and respectable work of breaking into a relatively unsecured system?
whatever the case, i am thrilled to have given up the judgment to the famous
SWARTZ and endorse his efforts 100%.

it may be old hat, but some may be interested to know that JSTOR is not all
that rigorous about policing copyright with regard to individual authors
(who, btw, have typically not been paid in any direct way for the results of
what may be years of labor), and as far as i know has never acted against a
professor who puts copies of his or her own research on their own private or
university website for free/open distribution to anyone, including the whole

forget all that. the principle for which SWARTZ is acting is unimpeachable,
and thus merits at least 24 hours of assumption on nettime-l that any sane
person would sign a petition for him. for the principle.

what is the principle again?

and he DEFINITELY didn't intend steal. how dare you attack him for stealing.
NOT ONE STORY oh wait...

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