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Re: <nettime> Chaos Communication Camp 2011: A modern manifest of cyberspace

> Chaos Communication Camp 2011
> Project Flow Control

I bet this year the camp will be interesting...

> A modern manifest of cyberspace

right on, and speaking of sovereign, what about money? :)

Imagine the Future of Money
Economic transformations, hacker culture and why we should be so lucky

What comes after capitalism? We will give an overview on the
development of complementary and alternative monetary systems: Which
ones are there to stay, how they influence social development, how
they can be improved and why hackers should really care.


Also relevant the rise of concepts like "Transition", see Rob's speech

Transition Telecom
Telecommunications and networking during energy descent

We'll need to come to grips with the challenges that declining oil
production and increasing temperatures present. This talk explores
positive future scenarios for the world of networking and
communications past the great global energy free-for-all.


Patrice, see you there?


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