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<nettime> Introducing the Grassroots Mapping Forum - a *printed* map journal

Hello mappers etc!

We've just launched the first issue of the "*Grassroots Mapping
Forum*", our new community research journal/archive/zine/map, where
we hope to share ideas, techniques, and stories from the Grassroots
Mapping<>community. (For those of you
who don't know, we are a community of activist cartographers who use
DIY tools for civic science -- we take aerial photos using kites and
balloons of things like the BP oil spill.)

The front of every issue, which is essentially a giant printed map,
will depict a Grassroots Mapping site -- the first one is of an
island in Wilkinson Bay, Louisiana, with oil residue along a wetlands
coastline. It is printed on a single 22.75x35" sheet, folded down to
just over letter size, and includes a full color reproduction of a
grassroots map along with essays, illustrated guides, and interviews
on the reverse.

You can find out more, and purchase the first issue here for $17 shipped:

If you're interested in supporting Public
Laboratory's<>work, consider buying 3 or 4
and giving them to your friends.

The first issue of the Grassoots Mapping Forum was sponsored
by DevelopmentSeed <>, creators of
MapBox<>, and we are looking for sponsors for future
maps. If you're interested, please get in touch.

Jeff & the Public Laboratory team

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