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From: eleftherios arelis <>
Date: 4 juli 2011 18:34:41 GMT+02:00
To: "A.Andreas" <>
Subject: Re: alfred dong version 2

andreas the europeans do not have the vacast idea of what could happen
on greece the following months

each day members of the greek parliament eat the beating of their life

a revolt here is very possible scenario

they said that we have a democracy but under those heavy circumstances
it is more than obvious even to the silliest that george papandreou
acts like a plassier of international usurers and what happens here as
an experiment they will do it on other countries of course

the greek regime is very autarchic and the greek state built a system
that replaces the absolute monarchy

at least in france they had 1 absolute monarch

here in greece we have 300 absolute monarchs
and they are very angry because the nation is furious with them

of course the situation is very complicated

the economic crisis that comission focus on had to do with the state
economics and not with the life that after the entrance of greece on
eurozone become one of the most expensive

our taxis system is the most complicated in the world with a volume of
500 pages only for codex

after the measures that comission asks greeks will end up to have the
lower salaries and athens is one of the most expensive cities in the

the situation is not good

the greek state erases and political comments from blogs
with views that critisized them heavily because they want to control
even and internet[only the 15% of the population ig greece has

the ministry of education anna diamantopoulou is spying the private
life of the students with its new programme giving email and passwords

the greek state knowing the ip adress of the pc s of the greek
students could select many infos for their lifes

and for hacking the greek intelligence service is the first

i am very annoyed by this fascism in my country and i can not believe
the extension of their fascistic methods

they want to observe the telephone communications for the good of the
greek nation

thats wghy george papandreou throw 3.000 tones of chemicals the
previous day, chemicals that cause cancern as you know

because he cares so much for the greek nation
so the situation here becomes day by day more dangerous and i will not
get surprised if the political regime collapses the following months

their measures of course are antipopular but imagine that their
salaries are 20.000 euros per month eating the state income

we have also one of the most expensive political systems in the world

i am very pesimistic for the future because they took all the time
loans with high races and greece can not pay such money

best regards arelis

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