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<nettime> REALITYFLOWHACKED by Paolo Cirio at Aksioma | Project space
Aksioma on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:23:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> REALITYFLOWHACKED by Paolo Cirio at Aksioma | Project space

Aksioma -- Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana presents:

*Paolo Cirio*

*Aksioma | Project space*
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia
April 26 -- May 20, 2011

*Tuesday, April 26, 2011*
*Artist talk: 6:00 pm*
*Exhibition opening: 7:00 pm*

New publication: /Aksioma brochure #09/, Ljubljana 2011
/*Bruce Sterling: Sculpting the Flow of Reality*/

Stories, interventions, tactics and concepts of social realities 
designed and perpetrated by the new media artist Paolo Cirio will be 
displayed together for the first time in a solo exhibition at the new 
*Aksioma | Project space*.

The core of this exhibition will be the opus of new media projects 
realized by the artist in the last years, including /*Face to 
Facebook*//(2011)/, /*P2P Credit Cards -- Gift Finance*//(2010)/ and 
/*Open Society Structures*/ (2009).

All these art pieces are conceived and performed in our advanced 
Information Era, in which media are hybridized, scattered, and blurred 
with the real, they are networked though, and they work through 
participation of the users.

Cirio's works spot this media context, revealing information as 
ontological basis: specific devices, languages or techniques of media do 
not really count anymore, it is the art of orchestrate and structure 
information by networked media that emerges as major matter.

Consequentially, these art works question how specific arrangements and 
processes of information can vary the construction and perception of 
cultural, political and economic realities. They investigate on 
information as raw material and how to structures it to depict and 
confront the power of media. In Cirio's works the layers of the media 
complexity are organically composed, displaying his sophisticated 
structures able to destabilize powerful firms or design worthy realities.

Every work exhibited in the show is installed as offline mixed media 
installations. These art installations render sophisticated media hacks, 
fabrication of narratives and insightful paradigms in objects, videos, 
pictures and illustrations, in which the audience can enjoy concepts and 
actions which originated the art works.

More about the exhibited works below!

*About the author *

*Paolo Cirio* is a tactical media artist who actually living in London 
and working internationally. He hacks and orchestrates media through 
videos, coding, websites, social media, printed media, interventions in 
public spaces, characters enacted by actors, audience participation and 
accurate researches, in order to create edifying narratives, 
controversial provocations and tacking social issues. His primary 
inspiration is in corporate and state interventionism through the use of 
information power, which is depicted and interpreted in his radical and 
controversial art works.

Paolo was part of [epidemiC] net-art collective (design of the virus 
/*Biennale.py*/, 49th Venice /Biennale/, Slovene Pavilion) and has 
collaborated with many other pivotal figures of net-art and street-art 
scene, like Bruce Sterling, Ubermorgen.com, RTMark, Alessandro Ludovico, 
among others.

He has been awarded with the *Transmediale award* (2008), the 
*Stuttgarter Filmwinter award* (2007) the *Media Award St. Gilgen 
school* (2006); *Comission Rhizome* (2005) and received the honorary 
mentions at *Ars Electronica* (2005).

Production: Aksioma -- Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana, 2011
_www.aksioma.org <http://www.aksioma.org/>_

Artistic director: Janez Jans(a
Executive producer: Marcela Okretic(
Public relations: Mojca Zupanic(
Technical support : Valter Udovic(ic'

Thanks: Alessandro Ludovico, Geoff Cox, MGLC Ljubljana

/*Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and 
the City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture*/
/Sponsor: Datacenter d.o.o./



The /*Face to Facebook*/ is the media hack of Facebook.com, where its 
data has been radically reprocessed to construct new controversial 
structures. Like in the former Cirio's projects /Amazon Noir /(2006) and 
/Google will Eart Itself/ (2005), realized together with Alessandro 
Ludovico and Ubermorgen.com, the development of smart software has given 
the possibility to criticize and put in crisis the monopolistic use of 
data of the most powerful internet companies. In the show these projects 
will be depicted by objects that conceptually document the process of 
the actions and by diagrams of the algorithms of the hack.

The /*P2P Credit Cards - Gift Finance*/ project proposes an alternative 
beneficial economy by issuing a visionary type of credit cards. This 
action addresses critical issues about the recent recession and finance 
regulations, especially related to the virtualization of money due 
electronic payments and online trading. This project looks at money as 
informational entities, which can be manipulated to redefine economies 
and distribute wealth equally. The art installation of this piece is 
composed by the credit cards and the diagram which illustrates how the 
Gift Finance works.

The /*Open Society Structures*/ piece outlines society organization like 
software designs. It uses the paradigm of information processing of the 
algorithms for social problem solving. This resulted in three Plexiglas 
black boards in which the audience can read sophisticated algorithms of 
taxonomies structured in order to have a utopian society constitution.

Marcela Okretic(, 041 250 830, aksioma4 {AT} siol.net
*Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana*
Neubergerjeva 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel.: + 386 -- (0)590 - 54360
_www.aksioma.org <http://www.aksioma.org/>_

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