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<nettime> An augmented reality drug at the Casoria Contemporary Arts Mus
xDxD.vs.xDxD on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:15:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> An augmented reality drug at the Casoria Contemporary Arts Museum

An Augmented Reality Drug wil be presented at the Casoria Museum of
Contemporary Arts in Casoria, Naples, Italy, on April 30th 2011, during the
Opening Party of the CAMMOVIE Videoart Platform.

The CAMMOVIE hosts four sections dedicated to video arts ando contaminations
coming from digital cultures.

FOCUS REVOLUTION, featuring videos coming from the recent egyptian revolts.

TOXIC, in which videos from invited Japanese artists will be put side by
side with footega fetched using internet search engines and applications,
creating a frontal visual clash in rememberance of the recent disasters.

GLANCES_AROUND DUMP, will feature a visual narrative of the Metropolitan
Park of Naples, recently turned into a trash dump by the public

MAGMART, videoart under volcano. This section will feature the MAGMART
international video festival, including its award ceremony, in which 30 of
the 450 videos sent in from 45 countries will be declared as winners of the
competition and be added to the permanent collection of the museum.

During the event REFF, the fake institution, will alter the perceptions of
the world of all visitors using an augmented reality drug.

the AR Drug is just the latest example of REFF's international youth
program, touching universities, schools and free groups of young people to
"methodologically reinvent reality through the critical use of ubiquitous
technologies". The REFF AR Drug was recently presented in London at
Furtherfield Gallery and is now being promoted worldwide through education
practices and continuous invasions of ordinary reality through the
breakthrough cognitive effects induced by the AR Drug.

more info at


and at


and at the event's URL


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