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Re: <nettime> Japan - Fissures in the Planetary Ap paratus
Jean-Noël Montagné on Mon, 4 Apr 2011 18:04:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Japan - Fissures in the Planetary Ap paratus

Hi Sachiko

>at the time of the chernobly accident, i was 
>living in sweden.  when the news broke (which 
>was not as immediate as the fukushima) we were 
>warned not to ingest certain things:

Not in France !!!!! There has been NO official 
warnings. All contaminated vegetables and goods 
were in the market and have been eaten. ( 
chronology following)

>if the french government knows so much about 
>nuclear reactors and have strict rules, why 
>didn't france take the same precautions?

because they didnot admit that the situation was 
bad.  French ministers of health and agriculture 
in 1986 "there is no danger, there is no 
dangerous radioactive cloud". So why changing 
normal habits ?



a google translation of the chronology of the governemental lying in 1986:


if you don't have time to read all this 
chronology, just go to the May 2 1986, then May 
16, 1986, then february 26, 2002.... it's 

[ an good video documentary about the french 
lying ( in french, sorry ) 


>  or did they change their regulations after the 
>chernobyl accident? can you clarify?

yes, they partialy did, in the nineties, and few 
years ago ! Thanks to the constant actions of the 
French NGO CRIIRAD, an independant observation 
laboratory/network on radioactivity who  was 
created the may 16, 1986 (few days after 
explosion) !!!!! this NGO was founded by 
researchers disgusted by the authorities lies. 

>for the record, i'd like to mention that i have 
>always been against nuclear power and after this 
>i will remain against nuclear energy.  but i 
>would like the climate of major news network to 
>change, from emotionally based reporting which 
>leads to fear mongering and panic.  sweden seems 
>to have the same regulation as japan, i.e. 
>international standard, though i will have to 
>check into this to be 100% sure.  in any case 
>they have not made any claim that is not the 
>case. the swedish public channel recently showed 
>a documentary which was in line with the 
>so-called "scientific community's consensus." 
>that is there is no or little evidence to 
>suggest there is abnormal increase in cancer 
>rate except for those unfortunate who were 
>exposed to immediate high radiation and outside 
>the exclusion zone except for those who 
>continuously ingested highly contaminated 
>radioactive food and water (the worst long term 
>effect).  (here again, let me also state i am 
>personally for making a larger exclusion zone to 
>be on the safe side, especially for the infants 
>and those under 40 years old).  so far i have 
>not heard a case in sweden that resembles those 
>claims in france.

During the last decades, epidemiologic studies 
about thyroid problems in France, or studies 
about nuclear measures from tchernobyl in france, 
have been masked by a lot of medical and 
statistical manipulations, and are still modified 
and masked by the governement because they are 
afraid of lawsuits that could affect the actual 
politicians and health Institute directors (still 
in power...). Sarkozy himself was in 1987 " 
Chargé de mission pour la lutte contre les 
risques chimiques et radiologiques" and has some 
responsabilities in the lies. France wants also 
to deal its nuclear plants to the world. ( and 
french uranium rods are in most of the japanese 

Like in Japan, the french nuclear industry is 
deeply included into the medical and political 
decidors network. Until now, it's very difficult 
to have good epidemiologic studies, it's very 
difficult to have good statistics and precise 
maps on Tchernobyl effects in France.

About the world-wide strengh of the nuclear 
lobbies, it very important to understand that the 
military use of nuclear could NOT exist without 
the education programms, the money and the 
infrastructures for "civil" uses of nuclear.

The nuclear lobby is very very strongly implanted 
in every sector of the society, because nuclear 
technologies are one of the best opaque 
juicy-business and because nuclear is deeply 
strategic, especially for certain countries.


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