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Re: <nettime> The Art of the Undercommons

This is certainly is fresh veggies, to disgest deeply and ponder the
equal uselessness of politics and art, not hoary either/or complicity
of mock, laborious, sterile opposition, plagiarism, copying, or as
Brian Holmes is quoted, downright lying, meaning, wink, CIA fronting
or some other long-toothed cretinism. A smiley to ya, Brian. A cocked
brow to the assholes unnameable, disrespectfully.

Politics and art have long played this charade of overweening
self-importance, at the beginning of WTF, at times jokingly,
avant-gardishly and advocating bold new, cliche-driven, candidacies
of the outsider, at other times, murderously, by reputation boosting
initially to gain attention then enlisting as propagandists for the
bloodletting in defense of cartoonish patriotism and its faux anti-.
Both cartels glamorize extended war (and momentary peace) while
pretending to be against war and peace, for it makes them money
and compensable stature, all too often as ghoulish, quite venal,
dissenters deliriously riding the bandwagon, while not few vote in
secret for prolongation of the godsend windfall ratcheting up war
and then its winddown. As in the current environment, as in this
anthill of busybodies avid for conflict to muse, ahem, ridiculously
and gravely. War and anti-war, what are they good for. Museums and
cemetaries abound to answer ostentatiously with carved majestically
arrayed headstones and architectural monstrosities on the Malls of
Earth Tourism.

The essay offers worthy, nourishly windy (I like long texts, too, fuck
tweets and idiot pitheries), comment on the marketing of politics
and art, and as ever their obligatory anti's, by those who only know
these enterprises as just that escapist opportunism injected into the
mind-bodies of recruits, branded as higher ed and its vulgar PR-tool,
criticism, the glibber, feyer

and espicene the better to signal to like sensitive mind-bodies what
daring darlings we be on the transgendered cutting edge, the bleeding
edge, the leading edge, the loss leaders, pro bonos, NGOs, pro publico
politico culturalist hoes. Cite bold names here or fuck off.

Neologistic undercommons is a sweetie-pie transgendering of
underground and commons, blessed be they contra stratospheric
eggheadism, coolish hottie hybridization of creative plagiarism, i.e,
publicity fecund. Reminds of the faux dispute over theft of Obama's
brand-imagery from AP by whatshisname, not Bootsie, the other who

Buffoon disaster-works, politics and art, and attract the scummiest of
parasites sucking unearned rewards with most villainous of camouflage
of perfidy. Mea culpa minima, windily.

Autonomedia is pretty damn good reading and ponderingly-ful, pardon a
kiss of death to y'all gardeners.

For gut-trembling revulsion gobble on
Wikileaks bullshit and Cryptome's.

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