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Re: <nettime> Wisconsin report

Sorry, John. Sincere apologies. The events you point out no doubt show
that things can happen in the US. However, it has always
surprised/confounded me that not a single American in private
conversation (in my experience, which is about five years of graduate
work) has anything but negative things to say about the US health care
system but it still remains in place and has not been confronted head
on - until Obama, that is, as far as I know. And when the Republicans
seem bent on wrecking Obama's initiative, there is no upsurge of
public anger as far as I can tell ... at least no such upsurge seems
to have made it to the media in India. In a country of near-full
literacy and high levels of college and university education, where
the poor are better off than, say, some "lower-middle class" people in
India, I find the existence of 40 million people without medical
insurance (in a nation of 330 million?) totally inexplicable. And then
take the universities. I know there have been actions in some
instances against cutbacks, but there hasn't been any nationwide
protest action as far as I know, even though there seems to have been
lots of faculty lay-offs.



On 19 February 2011 23:19, John Hopkins <jhopkins@neoscenes.net> wrote:
> Ei Tapas --
>> Simply unbelievable. I never even suspected that Tahrir Square could
>> echo in the USA.
> I don't think it is echoing, except as a media construct, but, really, it's at
> least a bit offensive to characterize a whole country as full of fat sleeping
> slobs, although there are those who are precisely that here (and elsewhere).

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