dan s wang on Sun, 12 Sep 2010 12:35:38 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> for our american friends: wilders explained

Thank you, Geert, for forwarding this primer for us, the myopic Americans.

Now that we know what to expect from our visitor from the continent, Mister Wilders, I predict that he will find many new friends here in the United States. People who will be delighted to find a foreigner who agrees with them, hell, who blusters with the best of our homegrown. He will feel at home, as if this is the country where he always belonged. He will consider emigrating. Especially since Dutch society is going down the tubes. 

He will become an American citizen, a proud immigrant who loves his adopted country more than do the native born, who have gone soft. Because he will know what we have forgotten-that this is about freedom, dammit! 

Glenn Beck will have a new ally, a living testimony to the righteousness of the conservative movement. Those commies who attack Wilders? Anti-immigrant scum!

I can see it happening. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has already done the heavy lifting for him, throwing the contradictions into the face of the American left, paving the way for further and ever more absurd contortions.

Wilders must be a smart man. He knows the American stage is the big time, where his biggest payday resides.

Dan w.

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