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Re: <nettime> Christian Christensen: Wikileaks: Three Digital Myths

This does not rise to the level of the ten theses, instead overmuch
valorizes authoritatives. To be sure Wikileaks has gotten in bed with
the three cited and reportedly is juming from bed to bed with an even
larger group of authoritatives to prepare for a humogous dump of Iraq
files -- the Tweet demurral notwithstanding.

Wikileaks valorization and its opposite by teeming authoritatives
constitute a niche industry of scholars and media sniffing the hot sheets
in recent weeks.

Nearly all of these metas transparently are valorizing themselves
in accord with the iron laws of valorization meta-toppling one after
the other. How distant to be to appear more distinterested is
a challenge.

One dissent to the valorization - devalorization cartel wonders if
the Wikileaks compendium of documents has been studied instead
of metaing the much shallower mediaization of the Wikileaks brand
of ovrstatement. Little is said about security cheating by the org, for
only one WL advisor, Ben Laurie, has said to not believe the promises
of anonymity of contributors. He knows better, check his resume.

Moreover few commenters appeared to have studied the Afghan War
Diary compendium in depth and with a careful attention to the inherent
bombast of intelligence reports, admittedly a laborious task, much less
the thousands of leaked documents published over three years -- the
CRS reports alone would blind and lobotomize.

The easily consumed bombshells of the Reuters killing video and
the readers-digested by the three media stars of the war diary have
unleashed a madcap of misfires, a bounty of duds nearly all composed
of casual surveys of media reports and subsequent media-media and
meta-media-media-meta.  For and against Wikileaks the laziest

Not that any of this dreck is not useful for publicity and fund-raising
chest-thumping by all participants, or as a sub-meta-meta might
dis-valorize them, opportunists, even might be too flattering.

The rape ploy was masterful agogment for those desperate to
keep the dwindling flame burning, verily Hollywood grade. Assange
deftly bragged of six million hits on the rape rubric with his name
embedded. Publicist genius, the "lanky" lad auto-eroticized.

Any how, scholarly ruminations of the frenzy are welcome cold
water to douse the artificial heat. Any devalorization of newspapers
and scholarly authoritatives has value to aid and abet alternative

Where and when will the Wikileaks consortium offer humor about

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