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<nettime> The Ridings

The Ridings

Hegelung tuned with lowered melody string, Azure Carter:

The riding pieces.

These are fairly complex; the hegelung's range is extended and the number
of independent notes is pretty much doubled. The result is something
that's closer to taksim than dulcimer accompaniment. Apparently there's
precedent for this sort of tuning in Mindanao as well.

These kinds of works seem to embody structures that might otherwise be
approach philosophically - issues of phrasing, body, language, recursiv-
ity, 'father-mother' structures, immersive phenomenology, relevance
theory, communality - they're all present. I'm not always sure how to
bring these back into descriptive/academic language, traditional
philosophical discourse. Everything is presenced, and sound reveals an
other not otherwise accounted-for.

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