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Re: <nettime> "Critical strategies in art and media" gets it wrong

I entered UW Madison in '66 and had a moderate role in the events of '68,  
as well as a front-row seat (since I lived on Gilman Street.)  Recall that  
the radicals in Madtown were often "red-diaper" babies from New York, at 
that  time, and you'll get the flavor.
It was -- for most involved -- much more of a PARTY than an inclination to  
join a "party" (i.e. SWP, CPUSA, RU, etc.)  Get arrested -- get laid!
I later joined SDS and became a "serious" Luxemburgist but that was long  
after the tear-gas had disappeared.
The arguments about who had the better parties between the  counterculture 
and the anti-war movement has been widely chronicled, often by  those who 
think that "someone" (i.e. usually the CIA) was behind the SDRR to try  to 
siphon off support from the protests.  The fact that the CIA had  actually 
infiltrated the leadership of the Mobilization (and related  organizations) 
somehow gets left out in that analysis.
Famously, many tell the story of the Grateful Dead concert in New Haven  
that wiped out a protest march at Yale pretty much tells it all.
Sorry . . . but SDRR was the correct answer.

Mark Stahlman
'New York CIty
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     In  the newly published, brief conference book or booklet ,
     ???Critical strategies  in art and media:Perspectives on New Cultural
     Practices??? at one point Ted  Byfield (on the panel)  asks the
     sensible question: ???I???d like to ask a  question to some of my
     elders here.We???ve heard various references to 1968 here, but what
     did all those ???68ers have in 1967????

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