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<nettime> Fwd: End of occupation of Mansion building / Middlesex University

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> From: Eric Alliez <eric.alliez@free.fr>
> Date: May 16, 2010 12:34:05 AM GMT+01:00
> Subject: End of occupation of Mansion building / Middlesex University
> Thanks!
> Eric
>> Dear all,
>> As many of you may already know, the students decided to end their  
>> occupation of the Mansion building this afternoon, and the  
>> campaign has posted a statement at http://savemdxphil.com/ 
>> 2010/05/15/the-occupation-is-over-the-campaign-continues/.
>> The occupation has had a tremendous impact, both at Middlesex and  
>> on sympathetic campuses all over the world.
>> We assume that the University will not proceed with any further  
>> legal or disciplinary threats against any of the people involved.  
>> Needless to say, if this assumption turns out to be misplaced then  
>> the Philosophy staff at Middlesex and, for sure, many of our  
>> colleagues in and out of UK will do everything in their power to  
>> defend students and their supporters.
>> Middlesex Philosophy

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