Garrett Lynch on Mon, 3 May 2010 23:02:35 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> .another internet is possible!_

> Nothing? Nothing at all?

Yes when we use absolutes, Facebook is our identity or Facebook has  
nothing to do with our identity, this statement couldn't be correct.   
It's well known our identities are now multicultural, of mixed  
origins, globalised etc. why would we seperate out the parts of our  
identity which are online simply becauce that is not part of the  
'real' world.  It is becoming increasingly real.

> Your Facebook identity can be used to fire, convict, harrass or
> discriminate against you.

Yes and there are cases of this happening, people losing their jobs/ 
careers, lobbying groups putting pressure on companies/politics etc.

> Define reality. It's subjective and there are plenty of people who's
> social structure (friend-to-friend, dating, etc) is determined by
> their Facebook connections and communications. Data and things virtual
> are becoming reality for those people.

Yes it is and philosophy has been grapping with this for a very long  
time. The problem is as a society we need at times to agree what is  
reality, this often results is somewhat of a generalisation or  


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