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*Stop the Cuts - Defend Sussex: Occupation Statement 1*
We have occupied the top floor of Bramber House, University of Sussex,
Brighton. There are 106 of us.[...]
*At the University of Wroclaw Poland still goes on struggle of PhD students*
The Union of Polish Syndicalists (Zwiazek Syndykalistow Polski - ZSP) member
of International Workers Association decided to support this struggle and
edit an informing bulletin about it in a context of theglobal campaign for
free and emancipating education, which will be infree distribution at the
University of Wroclaw and other schools in Poland.[...]
*Utrecht: students occupy university administration building???*
This morning at 7:05 a group of students occupied the main building ofthe
University of Utrecht. The students are protesting against theuniversity's
board decision to stop publishing the paper version of theUniversity
Newspaper. The action is the first of a series of nationalinitiatives to
stop budget cuts in education.[...]

*Anti-Privatization and Demands???*
On Thursday of last week, over 100 students, workers, local alternative high
school students, teachers, and staff came out in the first action called by
the UW Student/Worker Coalition.[...]


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