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Re: <nettime> Blues in the American salon: "Digital Nation": What has the Internet done to us?

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 4:56 AM, David Mandl <> wrote:

> Shocking! And very hip--now that the mainstream has more or less
> accepted the techno-fetishism these people were selling, the coolest
> possible thing to do is say, "Yawn, how terribly boring all this is."

Boredom is, inherently, boring.

Personally, I'm fascinated with, often elated by, the transformation of
media from mass to personal and the rich social experiences this brings me
every single day. Are we in a mess? Well, sure, we were *always* in a mess -
we're more aware of it, now, because there's a new unavoidable transparency.

I'm sure Heather encountered many technophiliacs who were obsessed with
shiny objects in her voyages among the digerati, but I don't think she
rejected them, and I'm finding it hard to believe she's looking all that
hard for the exit from the mall.

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