Matze Schmidt on Thu, 10 Dec 2009 19:53:58 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Paul Krugman: Taxing the Speculators ( - aka 'Tobin Tax')

>> the earning potential of the Market

Interessting but not juicy: Britain is deep in horror (just like
Iceland, just like Dubai) and constructing an special tax on bonuses of
bankers, ALL bankers! But to interpret this in the right manner one
has to keep in mind that not one atom of value is created by "the"
market, markets are places for selling and buying for instance money.
Sure, every plant needs fluent capital, liquid assets to get into
operation but every single commodity in capitalism is done for realizing
the value put into the commodity by labor. This _realizing_ is the
market, but the value is appraised by the necessary values (practical
value and exchange value) for getting the things (or services) produced.
These values are based on other goods and services.

So Britain needs the money to get out of the trap, they probably have no
other choice. But check out reality! There seems to be no state
socialism in it nor any sand in the weels, it's the other way round:
Those taxes will help to reinforce production of profit.

Matze Schmidt

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