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Re: <nettime> Handoko Suwono: Facebook paves its way to IPO

aren't you all slightly loosing sight if each other's targets?
it looks like some talk data mining & surveillance - while the other side 
talks normalcy of capitalism vs. leftist naiveté.

but probably what fascinates us all with facebook is precisely what goes 
beyond those old and solid topics - into the realm of cultural anthropology. 
it might just so happen that while this facebook (is that a guy? a group of 
nerds turned entrepreneurs?) is just using its users for the dirty tricks of 
shoe laces promotion, it also participates to a mutation in society so deep 
that it makes serious business people to have dedicated time for facebooking 
(myspace-ing, twittering, blogging etc.) in their daily routine, and lots of 
other less business oriented, more existentialist users  to dive for life in 
those pages, as Morlock so southparkishly right noticed.


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> Michael,
> To point out a problem does not mean one is arguing that it is dangerous
> to protest against it, or that one is not protesting anything.  If
> protest needed assurances of safety, would it ever happen?  Protest
> requires commitment (including the willingness to be subjected to
> surveillance), and a capacity to resist both power and critique.  If it
> is argued that pointing out a danger is tantamount to discouraging
> protest, then there is not much hope for protest - whether dangers are
> pointed out or not.

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