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Re: <nettime> Handoko Suwono: Facebook paves its way to IPO


	Nobody really has the X% of time to spend reading all of nettime,
	but there are certain folk I tend to read.   Morlock, you are one of
	them.  I agree with you in principle, but I also  politely beg to
	differ on this post.

	I certainly don't want to defend Facebook, but websites are not
	"just" websites anymore.  Would you say the same thing about pathetic
	souls who use email to contribute to nettime?  How about the ones who
	use words and voices to communicate with each other day in and day

	I think the discussion is about dominant modes of communication.
	Yes, facebook is hokey.   But, it is a window on a mode of
	communication, and as such I think there is ample room for critique
	of the form, format, and formalities of such a window.  Who controls
	that window and how, and what that control is,  is something everyone
	("the left") is puzzled by.  I think for good reason.  If it is not
	control, what is it?  Influence?
	Or, if we start saying that it is our own fault, who does that help?
	Like with recreational drugs, should we blame the _users_ for their


> The Facebook corporation invested significant resources in attracting
> hapless individuals with no life to speak of to "interact" with each other
> by punching keyboards and watching the screen, while conveniently getting
> exposed to advertising.


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